How to choose the best baby oil for the massage?

How to choose the best baby oil for the massage?

It is suggested that massage is a must for baby to enhance the natural development of the body. Massage helps in immunity growth, blood circulation, and digestion. Furthermore, it helps the baby in peaceful and sound sleep. Traditionally multiple minerals are used for baby massage such as ghee, almond oil and till tail, etc. In today’s world, best baby oils are introduced in the market. According to the scientific research selection of right massage oil can multiply the benefits of massage. Steps keep in mind while choosing the massage oil-

  • Ingredients: Firstly we should check its ingredients. Take a look and be sure all the things used are healthy for the child.
  • Vegetable oil: We should ensure that baby oil should be based on vegetables, not on minerals.
  • Mineral oil: Mineral oil can have a harmful effect on the baby’s skin, we should avoid minerals.

Some beneficial oils for baby massage

There are a huge variety of oils are available in the market which are branded. Best baby oils should be used in the massage of the baby, some oils I want to discuss are noted below-

  • Till tail or sesame oil: Till tail is highly accepted in Ayurveda. Sesame oil is used with carrier products such as garlic. It keeps the body of baby light and comfortable.
  • Almond oil: Almond oil is a rich source of calcium, vitamin E, and magnesium. It helps in enhancing the complexion of the baby.
  • Oleic oil: Oleic oil is used for the dry and sensitive skin of the baby.

Other factors in the choice of oil

Some main thoughts should be given preference while choosing the best baby oils. Firstly the fragrance, products containing strong fragrances can easily cause contradictions in the baby’s health. We should avoid the oils with high fragrances. Secondly say no to non-edible oils, using this oil can be harmful. Non-edible oil can enter the baby mouth easily and affect teeth and gums. Lastly, we should take care that the oil we are using do not contains parabens, it can harm baby’s digestion. Recent studies show that it can interfere with body’s endocrine system.

Top branded products

The various branded and best baby oils product are available in the market; branded products had covered the whole market. One of them is Johnson’s baby products, which is top and quality oriented in the market. We can easily search out the products of this brand and can order online too. Only one major drawback of this product is, it is costly and out of the range of below poverty line people. Secondly, the Himalaya is also the huge brand, which is available at lower prices. Now days branded products are on promotions and allowing various offers and cash backs without terms and conditions.

Final words

We can easily say that massage is must for the nourishment of baby. The only thing to care about the factors we had discussed above, which are harmful to health. The doctor consult is must on the use of oil because the skin of some babies is sensitive.


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