Learn how to play Dream League Soccer


Are you a soccer fan? If yes then Dream League Soccer is the best simulation soccer game for you. The first touch games company launches it. You can play it on your Android and IOS devices without any cost. It is a high graphics game, and it takes 366.4 MB of space on your mobile phone. It requires 4.4 android versions to download. You can build your team or upgrade your stadium easily. Try to watch the tutorials first to know the controls and rules. Moreover, you should try to play in training mode, to improve your soccer skills there. There are many more tips are available to play it correctly.

Always try to build the strong the team is starting to win the matches easily; it helps you to increase the level of your team. Try to make the team with your favorite football player, because you can choose any character for the team.

Getting started

When you create a team in the game, then you will also get an option to create a team captain. Try to choose the player as a captain who uses there all efforts to win the matches. You should check the rating of your captain because it helps you to improve the performance of your team. On the other hand, we can also get the opportunity to customize the player as per our choices. Use your name for the captain jersey; it motivates you to play well. But you have to collect more coins to create the best one because it takes money to improve the skills of players.

Try to avail free coins

If you are facing the problem to collect the coins by play the game, then try to gather all free coins. It is not had to earn in the game, you can connect it with your facebook or twitter account, and it gives you ten coins for every account. If you have a lot of time to play it, then tries to watch advertisement videos to earn more coins. You can make 30 coins by watching a single video, and these videos come every two hours. It is not hard to collect all these coins by trying Dream league Soccer 2019 Cheats, but you have to waste a lot of time on this.

In another way, you can earn the coins by completing all the missions.  The game gives you extra coins if your goal the ball for two or three times before the first half. Always try to complete all hard all tasks, because these tasks help you to earn the significant amount of coins and you can also upgrade the skills of your players by playing it.



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