Winning tactics for Castle Clash

Winning tactics for Castle Clash

Castle Clash is the best strategy game for IOS and Android device. It developed by popular studio ICG.Com in all over world. In the game many kinds of missions and events are available. You can make your world and play with friends. It means when you log in with Facebook in the game then you are able to play with friends. The game is free to play but some items are purchasable, and it is run on currently run on 1.4.51 version.

Tactics for boosting level-

The tactics are must require to boost levels in Castle Clash. If you are looking for the best tactics which improve your performance then here lots of ways are available.

  1. Upgrade the things-

In the game, lots of things are available for buying and upgrading. It is useful to improve your performance and better survive in the game. When you upgrade the things, then your performance will automatically increase. It is also helpful to boost the level and gain some resources.

  1. Collect Resources-

In the game, mines are used to collect the resources and things. You are able to collect a large number of resources with Castle Clash Cheats. Always obtain the resources which are used to build the building and update the things.

  1. Town Hall-

Townhall is the best part to collect the resources. It means if you want to collect resources then you should go into the town hall. You can also upgrade the town hall for improving the resources quantity in the hall. After upgrading the town hall, you will get more quantity of resources in the game.

  1. Use force-

You know that with the help of attack you can beat your enemies. If you send some troops in a fight, then you will lose your all tropes. It means always send a large number of soldiers to fight to kill your enemies and earn some rewards. Always provide resources to troops on exact time because it’s your responsibility. With the help of elements, your army performance will improve automatically.


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