Sweatcoin – let’s begin with the basics of the app


The Sweatcoin app is the app which tracks and counts your steps. Why because the app’s main and prime motive is to keep you healthy by paying you the digital currency which has name as cryptocurrency. The world is moving fast towards the digitalization. Everything is at finger tips. Why not health and earning money?  Majority of apps are coming with some or the other types of digital currency. You as a user of the app get paid during your both walking and jogging. Both types of benefits are there when you take your pet animal for a walk in the dawn or in duck. The function of the app is that it works in the background of the mobile and it keeps data of your steps by tracking them.

App’s different useful functions and features

The Sweatcoin app not only keeps you stay motivated for your better health but keep saving the battery from discharging. The app has an inbuilt battery saver function as well as provides you coins for your taken steps.

Mover level – mover level of Sweatcoin gives you coins as rewards and awards. You get 5 Sweatcoins on daily basis.

Shaker level membership – it is also the function of Sweatcoin. It can be got by spending fresh and real money.

Share it to have more Sweatcoins

You can share it on social sites such as Facebook account and Youtube and so on. Each sharing of it gets you coins and you can use them when you have enough of the Sweatcoins. Sweatcoin Hack is also woth trying if you want to grow your business of Sweatcoin as well.

Exchange Sweatcoins and prizes

You can also exchange them by tapping the icon on the screen and get many other useful options of it. Well ,turn the digital money into real money for your need.

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